News from first lutheran church

Harvest PartyHarvest Party
The Harvest Party on October 29th will be held
at noon with a pizza lunch. The party is meant for young and old to celebrate the Harvest season - please let Trisha Dunn know how many in your family are coming so that she can coordinate food and activities. Bring pumpkins and carving tools to carve.

Luther RoseReformation 500 Event

Saturday, November 4th beginning at 2 pm

3:20 Breakout Session about Music and Art of the Reformation

3:40 Family/children activities

5:00 Dinner. $10 per person or $25 per family.

Worship begins at 2pm with Bishop David Bauer-Rieke presiding.
An offering will be conducted during the service to benefit Hope House Counseling Center .Reservations requested and a sign-up sheet is available at each participating cluster church. Make checks payable to First Lutheran and write Reformation Dinner in the memo area of the check. All activities are to be held at Peace Lutheran Church, 565 12th St  Astoria, OR

S. KienbergerPastor Stephan Kienberger
 FIrst Lutheran Congregation welcomes Pastor Stephan M. Kienberger as its new pastor. Pastor Stephan Kienberger grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington and a Master of Divinity degree from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, California.
     He has served as Pastor at St. Matthews Lutheran in San Francisco, Frederick Lutheran Church, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, American Lutheran Congregation, Oslo, Norway and at the American Church in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
     He is married with two adult daughters, both college students.

Wecker WorkArt in Fellowship Area
The art work in the friendship room is thanks to Pastor John Wecker in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. His works were inspired by Martin Luther's teachings and life experiences. Please read Pastor Wecker's explanations as you view the works.
     Pastor Wecker's works will be on view from now throughout the fall Reformation Celebration. That celebration is planned for November 4th at Peace Lutheran Church in Astoria, Oregon beginning at 2:00 pm.

Bruce BerneyCongratulations Bruce Berney!
On Monday, July 17th Bruce Berney was honored at the City of Astoria Council Meeting. Mayor Arlene LaMear read a proclamation from the City honoring Bruce for his 30 years of service as Director of the City of Astoria Library.
     During his time at the library, Bruce established the City of Astoria Historical Collection. That archive covers the history of Astoria, the oldest city West of the Mississippi. Included in the collection are Lewis and Clark Journals from their historic Trail of Discovery.
     The City of Astoria has renamed the collection as the Bruce Berney Archives in honor of Bruce. The First Lutheran Congregation joins the City of Astoria in congratulating Bruce on his professional career.

2017 Endowment Grants
The endowment committee of First Lutheran church is awarding $12,100 this year:
   - Stewardship Sewing - $500
   - Coffee Hour - $1,200
   - Budget/Finance - Pastoral Call - $2,000
   - Food and Fellowship - $1,000
   - Care Team - $1,500
   - Card Ministry/Prayer Team - $200
   - Hope House - Children's Trauma Counselor - $1,500
   - Clatsop County Sheriff's Office Chaplaincy Program - $500
   - Food Pantries - $1,500
   - Oregon Synod Creative Ministry Fund - $3,300